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gloglo rocks Brlog craft market #5

gloglo at Brlog brewery.

Brlog brewery coop

Brlog is the first Croatian independent and socially engaged cooperative brewery owned by coop members.

Brlog craft market #5

Brlog craft market brings together craftsmen, artists and creatives from the Zadar area in the unique flea market! The craft market goal is to support small craftsmen and entrepreneurs and to increase the sustainable and circular economy!

gloglo & Brlog

#gloglo premiered at #Brlog on June 3rd and after testing with customers under the radar it was time for us to rock it big.

During Brlog craft market #5, held on June 11th 2022, gloglo was pouring some of the finest craft beers Croatia can offer - Plavuša and Neposlušna!

Drinking Plavuša and Neposlušna beers.

gloglo poured approx. 150 beers or around 60 litres (15.85 gallons) of beer!

We are proud to have helped so many thirsty.

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